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Beginner doll makers everywhere would like FREE doll-making tutorials.

That’s why these beginner tutorials are FREE.

One-of-a-kind (OOAK) polymer clay dolls have turned into a wonderful collectable industry. Creating OOAK dolls provides a medium to create anything you can imagine, breaking into all sorts of creations.

Some men and women have even turned their passion into a full-time money earner.

This website will not only teach you all of what you need to know to start making your own dolls, but also how to kick-start your creative business.

Who wouldn’t want to earn money selling arts and crafts?

My name is Amanda Day and I have been a doll artist for many years. Illness forced me to find a way to make money from home and creating art was all I could manage; but it proved to be enough. When I first started sculpting, there was a severe lack of free online tutorials to help young doll artists learn the artform.

I am constantly working on this site and my goal is to provide you with an arsenal of free beginner tutorials enabling YOU to start making your own dolls. It's such a wonderful craft and is truly healing. I hope this site can change your life- just like doll making changed mine.

To navigate this site, simply browse through the navigation buttons on the right or above. If it’s your first time learning about polymer clay, I recommend reading the articles under the heading ABOUT POLYMER CLAY, to the right. Also, be sure to read the Q's and A's section as many people have written in with their questions and there is a wealth of tips and tricks to be found there.

Remember, take your time, practice hard and have fun! I hope you enjoy Doll Makers Dream.

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Learn how to create a polymer clay baby from start to finish!