A Doll Maker
Compelling Reasons to Become One

"I don’t have the time to become a doll maker”

“I don’t have the money to do that”

“I’m not creative enough”

“I’m too young/old to make dolls”

“Only Girls make dolls”

I hear these reasons a lot when people try to justify why they don’t make dolls.

All the incredible benefits to starting this craft are literally innumerable.

I myself take advantage of how therapeutic the craft is and the rewards that come from turning it into a business.

I will take the time to share with you 5 amazing reasons to become a doll maker.

You Don’t Need to Create a Doll in One Sitting

Many people think they need to set a day aside, sit in a small room full of craft supplies and create a wonderful art doll in one sitting. Ok, some artists do exactly that... even I have on a couple of occasions, but you don’t need to!

Many people treat doll making as a therapy and do it while watching TV, listening to music or watching the kids. They create their doll in the spare time, putting it aside when they have something that needs to be done. I’ve heard of artists who start a doll and they don’t finish it for weeks or even months! Why feel the need to rush?
Unless you’re running a production line, you shouldn’t feel like you’re on a timer. Crunch time is more for artists who are running a commission or on someone else's clock, so unless your business is at that level- take your time to learn and grow.

You Don’t Need a Lot of Money to Start Creating Your Own Dolls

Unless you’re making porcelain dolls, why would you need a lot of money?

Take Polymer Clay OOAK Dolls for example. You can buy a packet of polymer clay for $15, a ream of galvanized wire for $2, a large pelt of Tibetan Lamb hair for $11 and some acrylic paints for $10 (in USD Currency), some tools for about $15, and some glue for $5. For $58 you have enough supplies to make several average sized OOAK dolls, even more if you make them dollhouse scale.

Most people probably pay more than that on junk food each week. And the beauty of polymer clay is that it never dries out if taken good care of, so if you don’t use it for a while, you haven’t wasted any money.

Anyone Can Make a Doll In Their Own Style

I’ve had sculpture students that have never done any art before manage to make a sculpture of a truly unique character. Being “creative” is possible for everyone, it’s not a magic formula that is only gifted to a select few.

Think of these examples:

You ran out of pegs for your clothesline so you start multi-tasking pegs to hang up several pieces of laundry instead of just one. That is creative.

You have so much paperwork laying around that you decide to put them in empty shoe boxes according to category. That is creative.

You just polished your new car and you hear a storm is coming. You have no undercover parking. You tie a large tarp to a tree and some fence palings and even your barbecue to create a tarp roof large enough to cover your car. That is creative.

So creativity isn’t the problem. It’s technique. After you learn the techniques you need to know to be able to make a doll, creating something unique tends to come naturally. A lot of the time people create something unique and stylized while they were trying to create something else. Listen to that natural ability, that is your style creeping through.

Age Doesn’t Matter!

In fact, creating dolls early in life or late in life can help you physically and mentally!

When you’re young, creating something activates all different parts of the brain, allowing a child to develop well. Also, it greatly improves hand-eye co-ordination and develops a child’s dexterity and accuracy of movements. Creating dolls at a young age also greatly improves self-esteem when their creations are displayed proudly or people compliment their works, (in fact, I think it helps self-esteem at any age). It also improves self worth, when a child feels as though they have accomplished something by finishing a project.

The same goes for the elderly. The brain is a muscle, and if it isn’t being used, it will get weaker. Constant crafting will give the mind a thorough work out. Co-ordination, imagination and problem solving are only a few of all the parts of the brain that this craft exercises.
The motion of sculpting in clay can also ward off arthritis. If you already have arthritis, or poor eyesight, don’t worry! Measures can be taken to ensure these disabilities don’t effect your ability to create. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this wonderfully therapeutic craft.

Male Doll Makers Are There Too!

Doll making has only become popular with women in recent years. Although fabric dolls usually were created by women (as something to play with out of scrap fabric), the more complex dolls and marionette puppets were created by men. Men were always considered the craftsmen while women mainly stuck with sewing and fine needle work and drawing.

Even in recent years men have taken the doll making world by storm. Have you never heard of Jack Johnston? In only fifteen years, Jack Johnston, professional marketer turned doll maker, rose from an unknown to one of the industries' brightest stars, astonishing doll artists and collectors worldwide with his nearly instantaneous success.

You can’t get much better than that!

Why would you want to pass this up? I have listed 5 reasons here, but I am sure others could tell you more!

What benefits do YOU feel can be had from becoming a doll maker?

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