How to Make a Doll Wig

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Learn how to make a wig for your own OOAK Dolls with this FREE video tutorial by Amanda Day.

Movie Transcript:  I'm going to show you how to make a wig- or add hair to your doll. I like to have a couple different sized scissors on hand, tweezers and fabric glue. As you can see, this is just a basic, clear, tacky glue, and is vital for making mohair wigs. You can get this from most craft or sewing supply stores.

Another good thing to have is a roll of paper towels- just for wiping up mess... and of course, mohair- also known as Tibetan Lamb hair.

Mohair is a really fine animal hair and is the perfect scale for making a doll wig. As you can see, the hair is still attached to the pelt. This keeps the hair untangled until you're ready to use it. If you do want an animal friendly product, you can buy the mohair in portioned bags. This hair is shawn off the animal so that the animal remains unharmed.

You will need your sculpture to be all baked, painted and ready to go. Notice that she has no ears. This is because unfortunately the rest of her body was crushed in a mishap before I could finish the doll. I'm just using this sculpture for the demonstration. Notice that I've wrapped the doll with a paper towel. It's good to wrap the doll in a paper towel so it doesn't get hair and glue on it.

Seperate a portion of the mohair so you can get at it with the scissors. To make a doll wig you need to work in small steps. I like to use small manicure scissors so I can get close to the Tibetan Lamb pelt. This helps prevent any wastage.

Gently pull away any excess hair and fluff that was caused by the cut. Make sure you have a good grip on the good portion of hair though, or you'll just wing up pulling it through your fingers.

Now, grab your clear and tacky fabric glue and apply a small amount to the end of the portion of hair. Then you press and squeeze the glue into the hair, making sure the glue is combining all of the fibers. It'll dry pretty quick so just put it aside when it's done. It's good practice to weigh it down because it doesn't take much to blow away. Then you can make another one. Doing this will make sure that the hair will not start malting or falling out after you've attached it to the doll.

The Fabric Glue can be quite messy so it's good to have paper towels handy. Glue tends to dry up around the nozzel so make sure you wipe this off. You don't want to embed big lumps of glue into your doll hair portions. Small details like this make a big difference when you are learning how to make a doll wig.

After you have a good amount of Mohair portions finished, go over and trim some off the end. Pressing the glue into the hair can make it so a fairly large part of the hair has glue on it. However, we want to only have a skinny strip of glue holding the hair, or else the doll wig will be too bulky. Leave a few millimeters of glue, but trim off the rest.

Be really careful not to cut off all the glue, or the mohair will start to fall apart.

When that's finished you can start adding it to the doll. Always start at the back of the head- at the base of the scalp. This way you can layer the doll wig hair up and it will look more natural.

Make sure the nozzel of the glue is clean and apply a small amount of glue to the dolls head. Only work in fairly small sections and work quickly. This glue dries pretty quick so you want to get the hair on there as soon as possible.

Apply the doll hair in a row right across the base of the head. Then press it on. You want the glue to really grab onto the doll hair. And that's our first layer done. With the next layer you want to add the doll hair just above it. Apply the glue just above the first row and slightly overlap the first row.

If you leave too much of a gap between sections, you will find it hard to style the hair. This is because if you move the hair, bald spots or gluey sections of hair will show.

Apply the next row of the doll wig. Now we're at the front of the scakp so you have to be careful. This is the section that is going to be the most cisible so you have to get it right. Carefully apply the glue to one half of the head- overlapping the row before. Now this might throw you off a bit, but you have to apply the hair so it's draping across the head. This way we can fold it over itself and create a nice parting line.

Hold the hair down over the glue so it can adhere. Make sure the section of doll hair you use here is fairly thick. This section is covering the top half of the head so you really want there to be enough to go around.

Once the glue is really dry, you can fold the hair over. But first, you will need to add more glue where the hair will come over to. Make sure the glue is neat before folding the hair.

If the glue you added before was neat, finished in a straight line and stuck to the hair well, you will get a neat parting line. The good part about fabric glue, is that if you make a mistake you can peel it off the head and try again with some new doll hair.

Carefully hold the hair down until the glue sets. Don't push it too hard into the glue or the glue will start to show through the hair. Notice that when I folded is over, I brought a little of it forward so that it drapes slightly across the forehead. This helps the doll wig look more natural.

Until the glue dries completely and you style the hair, it will tend to look a bit fluffy. Pin the hair down so it's out of your way when you do the other side.

Add glue to the other half of the head. Make sure you apply the glue right up to the parting line, but be careful not to get glue on the hair. Overlap the hair across the head just like you did on the other side. But this time, really make sure you push the hair into the parting line. If you don't the two sections will not meet and she will have a bald strip right down the middle of her head. Tweezers are good to use to get into the area.

Once it's dry, add more glue and fold it over just like you did before. Hold it down until it sticks.

Take the pin out and inspect the hair. If there's any bald parts, even slightly visible, add a touch of glue and cover it up. Be careful not to add too much glue or you will ruin the hair. Now you can tame the hair. Use a super light hairspray, spray on adhesive, matt spray, hair gel to style your doll hair. In this case I've used a basic matt spray you buy from craft stores. Don't add too much or the hair will appear wet.

And that's it! Remember to experiment with different hairstyles and be patient. Making a doll wig is a very fiddly process, so just take it slow and practice.

Have fun everyone!

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