Doll Eyes
For Your Polymer Clay OOAK Dolls

Doll Eyes; just how important are they?

It's commonly said that the eyes are the "window to the soul".

Eyes are a very important aspect to get right when you are making your dolls. They are what give your doll a soul, or life. This means that you really can't skimp on the eyes when you're planning on making your own dolls.

There are many different kinds of eyes for sale out there, but a lot of them tend to be expensive.

Acrylic eyes are generally known as being risky when using them for your OOAK Polymer Clay Dolls (because they may melt or distort in the oven).

Glass eyes are expensive and the detailed ones tend to be too large for polymer clay dolls.

German Blown Glass Eyes are tiny and generally come still attached to a wire. They can be cheaper, although the colours are more flat; lacking the detail of the larger eyes. I often still opt for these eyes if I am buying glass eyes though.

Ultimately, if you can make your own dolls eyes you are way in front. Making your own eyes is not only cheaper, but you can then let your imagination run wild and tailor your eyes to meet your creations specific needs.

Don't know how to make realistic eyes?

Below are some eye tutorials that will show you how. Master the art of making your own realistic eyes and let your creations blow the realms of reality.

Doll Eyes for Beginners
by Amanda Day

realistic dolls eyes

Can't afford to buy glass eyes all the time? New to sculpting? Try this beginner tutorial on how to make dolls eyes. In this tutorial Amanda uses polymer clay, acrylic paints and clear glossy resin. This is a great tutorial for absolute beginners.

Beginner Eyes Tutorial- Pg1

Beginner Eyes Tutorial- Pg2

Beginner Eyes Tutorial- Pg3

Glass-Like Eyes
by Aimee Jefferies

realistic dolls eyes

Thanks to Aimee Jeffries we have an amazing tutorial for making glass-like dolls eyes. Learn how to achieve it with Aimee's easy step by step tutorial. She uses polymer clay, acrylic paints and Liquid Fimo. This is a great tutorial for artists wanting to take their dolls to another level.

Realistic Dolls Eyes Tutorial- Pg1

Realistic Dolls Eyes Tutorial- Pg2

Realistic Dolls Eyes Tutorial- Pg3

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