Dolls-hollow or not?

QUESTION:I'd like to make a doll very much. But the dolls I buy from stores are usually hollow.

Would it be best to make a hollow doll than a filled-out one?
If hollow, then how to make a hollow doll?
Please answer soon. Thank you.

ANSWER: The hollow dolls you are talking about from the store are made out of vinyl, resin or porcelain. These are made by pouring "slip" into a mold. This however cannot be done with polymer clay, as polymer clay is there to be sculpted. You can sometimes get a polymer clay sculpture to be hollow by carving out the inside with a hobby knife. You can also sculpt around aluminum foil and carve out the aluminum foil once it's baked. However, without any support structure, polymer clay can be brittle and fragile like an eggshell and is not recommended.

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