FREE Polymer Clay Projects

Creating Fantasy Art

Fantasy art is taking the world by storm but free polymer clay projects seem to be practically non-existent in this genre.

Not anymore!

Check out the projects below- Amanda's free tutorials.

How to Sculpt a Fantasy Mushroom in Polymer Clay

I have seen a lot of people try to create a Fantasy Mushroom. Even more people have asked me to teach them how to do it! Learn how to create one in polymer clay with this step by step picture tutorial. Fantasy mushrooms are a lot of fun to create, and due to their odd looking faces they are perfect for artists working on their first project.

Fantasy Mushroom Page 1
Fantasy Mushroom Page 2
Fantasy Mushroom Page 3
Fantasy Mushroom Page 4

How to Make a Soft-Bodied Creature Sculpture

Follow Maddy's series of tutorials to learn how to created a soft-bodied creature doll from start to finish!

The Armature- Part One
The Armature- Part Two
Sculpt a Face For The Creature
Hands and Feet- Part One
Hands and Feet- Part Two
Sewing the Body- Part One
Sewing the Body- Part Two

How to Make Fairy Wings For Your OOAK Doll

Fairies are both popular and beautiful. But how do you make wings for them that will do them justice. Fantasy Film is a beautiful plastic sheeting that shines in so many different iridescent colours. It is perfect for making One-of-a-kind wings with a little wow factor. Learn how to make fairy wings with this free tutorial.

How to Make Fairy Wings - Page 1

How to Make Fairy Wings - Page 2

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