Free Polymer Clay Tutorials

Learn How To Make Your Own Soft-bodied
Polymer Clay Creatures

By Maddy Gwenyth Norval
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[The following series of Free Polymer Clay Tutorials is written by Maddy with edits by Amanda Day for SEO.]

If you're anything like me when you see a beautiful work of art you first admire it and then say to yourself "I wish I could do that". Well, I've spent the last year pouring over library books, studying online tutorials, sending emails and notes back and forth to wonderful artists will to share their secrets. I've also been experimenting with materials to discover exactly how those artists that provide so much inspiration actually do what they do.

I was reluctant at first to share the knowledge I had worked so hard for. However, if there had been a tutorial like this a year ago, then I could've saved a lot of time, a lot of mistakes and a lot of money. I thought to myself that if you do read this mammoth tutorial, buy all the materials, spend the hours sculpting and sewing- your dedication deserves it!

This series of free polymer clay tutorials is a compilation of many of the things I have learned in one working art doll "pattern". By the end of this tutorial series you should be well on your way to being a doll maker to be envied.

I am going to walk you through the process of making this little guy. Don't feel like you have to copy him perfectly, in fact I encourage you to try and inject your own creativity into it. This tutorial is the spring-board for your own ideas; I will be teaching you the technique, and you will provide the creativity!

You will need some Doll Makers supplies before you start. There are several stages in this project and I will list them at the beginning of each tutorial. However you should check that you have everything before you start. I get most of my supplies from online stores, so you will be able to shop at the same places I do.

You will need:

Modelling wire
Jewellers wire
Aluminium tubing
Polymer Clay (I will be using FIMO)
Sculpting tools
Plenty of toothpicks
Scraps of card
Fur fabric
Pins or Beads for eyes
Floral tape (crepe not vinyl)
Hot glue gun or epoxy glue (I will be using Araldite)
Super glue with a prescision nib/tip
Acrylic Paints
Small Paint Brushes
Black Ink
Varnish- water based
Feather-like embellishments
Polyester batting/wadding
Epoxy Putty (I will be using Milliput)
Needle and Thread
Tinfoil/ Aluminium Foil Paper
Scalpel/ Xacto Knife
Pliers and Wire Cutters
Felt Pens
Kitchen Roll
Cotton sheet
Nail Scrubber
Wet Wipes

That should be about it. Once you've assembled the masses, you'll be ready to begin! Let's start with the first part to the Free Polymer Clay Tutorials- The Armature.

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