How to Get A Velvet Finish on Polymer Clay

by Marina
(Skopje, Macedonia)

QUESTION: I have stumbled upon this product on etsy (photo) and fell in love with the finish! But there is nothing on how to get such grainy velvety finish (and they said you can find everything on the internet....)

Can you help me?

Thanks so much for the attention.

Republic of Macedonia

ANSWER: Hello Marina,
Finishes like this are usually done by adding flock to the polymer clay. Flock is made from tiny shavings of fibre usually about 1mm long. You can try and make some yourself by cutting tiny pieces of fibre from frayed thread, however it is difficult and time-consuming.

After doing extensive research I have heard that the best flocking to use is Fun Flock by Stampendous.
They come in generous sized containers and are generally cheaper and of better quality than the competition. It also comes in a lot of different colours (and if you want more colours you can mix the fibres) so it's pretty versatile.

To apply it to the polymer clay you have to use a very flat glue. Fabric glue and tacky glue is probably not particularly suitable. Try using spray adhesive and sprinkling the flocking powder on. Otherwise you could try Sakura 3-D Crystal Lacquer which is also handy for adhering micro-beads or glitter to polymer clay.

To get such a fine finish, you can also dust the raw clay with the powder so that only a thin layer actually sticks to the polymer clay- then bake it. Use a very soft, pure sable, round paint brush to apply the flock powder. If you use a stiffer paint brush then you risk marking or distorting the raw polymer clay.

However, as this isn't a picture of something I have made, I can't tell you exactly what they have done in more specific steps. The tips and techniques I've listed however are gathered by a number of people with experience using flocking- so give it a shot. It may just require the right products and a little bit of practice. :)
I hope that helps.


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