How to Make Doll Clothes
For Your Polymer Clay OOAK Doll
"A Fantasy Dress"

Don't know how to make doll clothes for the lovely little polymer clay fairy you have just created? The following mini-tutorial is designed to help you learn techniques for embellishing your doll without needing to use clothes patterns.

You will need:

Silk Gauze


Vintage Lace


3D Crystal Lacquer

Fantasy Fiber

Aluminum Foil

Stainless Steel Tool

Old Paint Brush

how to make doll clothes

Picture 1: Cut a piece of silk gauze large enough to cover the torso. Silk gauze is a great fabric for clothing polymer clay fairies because it's a natural fiber that drapes very well over figures of a small size. To size the doll, simply line up the fabric to the doll and make small cut marks along where you wish to cut.

Picture 2: Using an old paintbrush (this step will damage your brush so be sure to use an old one) brush on a thin layer of Paverpol (heavy duty fabric stiffener). The Paverpol dries clear and will glue the fabric to the doll. Gently press the fabric onto the Paverpol.

how to make doll clothes

Picture 3: Cut little triangles for her skirt and glue them around her waist using the Paverpol. It is good to overlap them slightly. Go over the dress with your paintbrush and glue down any pieces that are sticking up.

how to make doll clothes

Picture 4: Now to embellish her clothes! Cut a strip of vintage lace and wrap it around her stomach. Glue it down with the Paverpol.

how to make doll clothes

Picture 5: To apply micro-beads to her dress you will need to cover them in glue. I like to use 3D Crystal Lacquer. Squeeze out a small amount of Crystal Lacquer onto a piece of aluminum foil. Pour some micro-beads directly into the Lacquer and mix until the beads are completely covered. Apply the beads with an old paintbrush or a flat stainless steel tool. (My preference is to use a stainless steel tool because it allows me to wipe off the lacquer easier when it starts to build up.

how to make doll clothes

Picture 6: Apply some tinsel (or Fantasy Fiber) with Paverpol all around the dress to add some extra sparkle!

how to make doll clothes

Picture 7: There you have it! A beautiful shimmery little dress for your polymer clay OOAK fairy. I hope you have enjoyed this mini-tutorial!

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