How to Make Fairy Wings

For Your Dolls, Bears and OOAK Sculptures

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Learn how to make fairy wings from the amazing iridescent product; Fantasy Film, (also known as Angelina Film). Want to turn your Dolls, Bears or Polymer Clay OOAK Dolls into fairies? Here's how.

For this "How to make fairy wings" tutorial you will need the following products:
18 Gauge Coloured Wire
Fantasy Film (or Angelina Film)
Safety Lighter or Candle and Matches
Gallery Glass- Black
3D Crystal Lacquer
Pliers and Wire Cutters
White Paper
Permanent Marker
Fabri-tac or Clear Tacky Fabric Glue

Most of these products can be found in hobby shops or ebay.

Firstly, you need to draw a design of the wings you want to make. This needs to be in true size. Line up your Fantasy film on a white piece of paper and trace two lines on the page for how wide the fantasy film is. This will ensure that your design isn't too large for the fantasy film.

Next, draw out a wing design within the two guide lines. Be sure to use a permanent black marker (pen). Everywhere the black lines are is where you are going to have the wire in the wings.

Fold the paper in half and trace over the lines you made with the Permanent Marker. This is why it is good to use a permanent marker, so you can see the lines better. Of course you can simply use tracing paper instead.

Open the paper up and you should be able to see the guide lines for your OOAK Fairy wings. This guide will help to make sure that both wings are the same size.

Lay down a strip of Fantasy Film over your wing template and secure with masking tape to the table. You need everything to stay still for this step.
Cut some wire down to size and place it all over your guide. Be sure to leave enough wire out the back to attach into the dolls back. It helps to strengthen the wings if you have several wires from the wings leading into the doll's back. If all of the wing is only supported by Fantasy Film, then your wing will flop around and not be very strong.

Once you have all the wires ready, carefully run a bead of fabric glue along the wire and place it on the fantasy film. Be sure not to use excessive amounts or it will look messy.

When the glue has dried you can trim the excess fantasy film. In this example, I have cut right between the top and lower parts of the wing. This will allow me to slightly overlap the the two halves, making the finished OOAK Wing look more realistic.

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