How to Sculpt a Face
The Female Face Tutorial - Page One

How to sculpt a face is always tricky at first. If you are struggling right now... don't feel bad! I was like you not long ago.

Learning how to sculpt comes down to two things. Learning the technique and practicing it. Follow the steps closely and you will soon develop your own sculpting technique.

Firstly, please take the time to read the article "Female Anatomy" and study the points about the anatomy of the female face. This "How to sculpt a face" tutorial relies on you already having a basic knowledge of anatomy.

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STEP 1: Roll an oval shaped ball of clay. This will be the basis of the face you will sculpt. The smoother you get this step, the easier your job will be. So take your time and make it right.
Divide the face with your rubber-tipped tool into sections. A vertical line down the middle of the face is your line of symmetry. A long horizontal line half way down the face is where the eyes will be. The second line down is the bottom of the nose and the third line down is where the opening of the mouth will be.

STEP 2: Using your spoon tool or rounded tool slowly work in hollows where the eye-sockets should be.

Be careful with this step. You should be working slowly and very gently in small circling movements. DO NOT push the tool down in one motion or you will end up with a dent in the head the shape of your tool.

Using the rounded side of the tool will help with this matter. Keep the tool fairly flat on the face to ensure the tools point does not gouge the clay.

STEP 3: Note that the sockets are fairly deep. This will allow you to bring in the bridge of the nose later, and still keep the eyes further back. If you do not do this step deep enough, the eyes will stick out further than the nose.

If you are unsure as to what depth to do the sockets, please read ahead before attempting it. Future pictures will help you decide what you will need to make way for later.
Be sure that the sockets sit under the guide line you drew in step 1.

STEP 4: When you a practicing how to sculpt a face, be sure to keep smoothing your work as you go. Smoothing the clay will help you to spot mistakes as they occur, and not when you have completely finished a piece. Smoothing can be as simple as gently brushing the clay with your thumb. Be sure not to press too hard or you will squash the clay.
With the spoon tool, gently rub a ridge down where the bridge of the nose meets the brown line. Refer to the next picture for depth.

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