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Learn how to make realistic doll eyes in this FREE step-by-step tutorial. This is a beginner's guide to painting dolls eyes. You are viewing steps 5-8. 

STEP 5: Now that the clay is baked, you can proceed to make the eyes. If you want to make realistic doll eyes you need to make sure you have the best start possible. Pick out two eyes from the oven and check them for any problems.

Are they the same size? Do they have any finger prints? Are there any moonies?

Try to pick out the best match and lay that down ready for you to work with.

STEP 6:This is where you start painting. You need to lay the eyes on a surface that they can grip to. Rubber or vinyl work well at keeping the baked clay steady while you paint.

Now we start painting the iris. In this instance I have used Burnt Umber Acrylic Paint as the base coat for the iris. This will help the iris "pop" a little.

Using a tiny paint brush (I'm told it's called a 12-hair spotting brush) paint a small circle in the centre of the eyeball. Try to get this as neat as possible as this is the outline of the iris.

STEP 7: Determining the dolls eye colour is completely up to you, however I have chosen blue- my favourite colour for eyes.

This colour is called "Caribbean Blue". After the base coat has dried apply the blue on top of the umber with the tiny paint brush. Fill in a circle but leave a tiny outline of the umber visible.

Use a magnifying glass if you are having difficulties painting. If you're working on a very tiny eye, don't stress too much if it isn't perfect. Under a magnifying glass you may see fault but if you can look at it normally and not see any problems, then chances are it will still look very nice in your doll. With practice, the eyes will become neater and neater. Note that the photographs are zoomed. This eye is 4mm in diameter.

STEP 8: We add another layer! Mix some White paint with the Caribbean Blue paint to make a lighter shade.

Go in and start to highlight part of the iris. Using the tiny paint brush, carefully start to blend some of the light blue over the dark blue of the iris. Only paint some of the iris to highlight. I generally only paint about a third of the iris with light blue in a crescent moon shape.

Carefully blend the highlights.

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