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By Aimee Jeffries
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Misty Moon Creations

Learn how to make realistic doll eyes that look like glass! Tutorial by Aimee Jeffries of Misty Moon Creations. PAGE ONE.

Pictures 1 and 2: Firstly, the following is what you will need to make realistic doll eyes. Supplies can vary because much of this can be stuff around the craft room, bits and bobbles you never thought of as tools.

You will need some clay: This can be whatever brand you like (Premo, Sculpey, Fimo, etc). Experiment with the color of the whites of the eyes. Straight white can work, depending on the look you are going for. Sometimes I might mix a tiny tiny pinch of blue, or flesh color to make realistic doll eyes. But my mixture is 2:1 transparent to white. That means I use half as much white as transparent clay. Try different ratios to see what color works for you. Mix them very well until you can't see any streaks. A pasta machine is very helpful with this.

I also use a glazed ceramic tile to sculpt on, as well as baking the eyes. I picked up a 6x6 inch tile at Lowes. (Today I picked up another in black so I can see the shape of the eye better in contrast to the tile).

You will need Liquid Fimo and a Heat/Embossing gun. I've tried other brands of Liquid Clay and found that they didn't get as clear as the Liquid Fimo, they were also much thinner and hard to get a nice "domed" cornea shape that magnifies nicely. Liquid Fimo is a huge advantage when you are trying to make realistic doll eyes.

(You can often find Liquid Fimo online on eBay)

You can have any paints of your choice (acrylic, Genesis Heat set paints). Also Baby Powder/Talcon Powder or corn starch to keep your tools from sticking to the clay.

If you really want to spoil yourself and make things easy, I absolutely LOVE Pat Moulton's Perfect Eye Tools. They come in lots of sizes, from life size eyes down to tiny 2mm which is shown in the first picture. You can buy them on her website under the "Tools" section: (offsite)

I also use these ball stylus tools. I got mine from a Nail Supply Shop, I think they call them "dotting tools". There are lots of tools and cool stuff you can find at Nail/Beauty Supply shops much cheaper than from an Art Supply! Especially teeny tiny detail paint brushes!

Pictures 3 and 4: I was also experimenting with another style/shape of eye using the Kemper circle cutters. You could also use a cap, lid, etc to cut out circle shapes. These could be an alternative if you don't have the Perfect Eye tools to make realistic dolls eyes with. Of course, you can also roll little balls of clay, place them in your freezer for a few minutes, then cut them in half. If they are cold before you cut them they wont get smooshed so easy.

First I rolled out some clay on the thickest setting on my pasta machine. Dip your circle maker of choice into your powder, tap off excess and press into the clay.

Pictures 5 and 6: When I move on to using the Perfect Eye Tool, I fold the clay in half so it will be thick enough to fill the dome of the tool (For this tut I'm making 6mm eyes). Again, with any tool, I dip in powder, tap off excess, press into clay and repeat. It might seem tedious to keep doing it every single time, sometimes I can get away with not doing it every time. However, it usually just ends up getting stuck in the tool and I have to pick it out and start again. Press down until you feel the tool against the tile, give it a little spin and lift off.

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