OOAK Dolls
by Amanda Day

Welcome to Amanda's gallery of OOAK Dolls (One-of-a-kind Dolls). These dolls are made entirely by hand out of polymer clay- without the use of molds. These dolls are then painted and clothed, all by Amanda. Depending on the size and complexity of the sculptures, they can take anywhere from 1 hour to 32 hours to make... sometimes more!
The dolls below are some of Amanda's older favorite dolls. Not all dolls created have been featured online, but some have been selected to demonstrate her assortment of work. Commissions are also not posted if requested not to.

Amanda does occasionally take on commissions, so if there is something in particular you would like her to make, feel free to ask via the contact form. Please refer to the commission policy below.

Please make a selection from the pictures below to view the three different genres:

Baby, Eclectic and Fantasy.

  • ooak dollsBaby Gallery
  • ooak dollsEclectic Gallery
  • ooak dollFantasy Gallery

    There are a number of subjects that I choose not to sculpt. These are the following:
    *Witches and Wizards
    *Religious themes
    *Holiday themes/Special Day themes
    *Blood and Gore

    My sculptures are nearly always based on emotions I've felt rather than themes. I may sculpt some fantasy characters that are relevant to my feelings or imagination but I won't sculpt all fantasy characters (ie. witches and wizards) as I do not sculpt witchcraft or supernatural related figures. I keep true to the idea that art should depict a person's inner most feelings and beliefs so please do not ask me to create any of the stated subjects for any amount of money. I like to keep neutral with what I sculpt and generally like to sculpt things from imagination rather than reality. I keep in mind my audience is also very broad and try to respect everyone with my craft, trying to add to the world's beauty with my imaginings.

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