How to Sculpt a
Polymer Clay Baby

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This is page two on how to sculpt a polymer clay baby. We will be focusing on the bone structure around the eyes.

STEP 6: Repeat step 5 on the opposite side, creating two even cheeks. Blend and smooth them with your finger or thumb. Be sure not to flatten or distort the cheeks. You want them to keep their shape.

STEP 7: Use a ball tool to carefully press eyeball sockets into the polymer clay. Have a look at your photo reference. Babies eyes are approximately halfway down the head (or slightly under halfway according to how young a baby they are).

STEP 8: Condition and flatten another pancake of clay and place it over the forehead. This will create a bit more of a dome for the forehead and the browbone. Try not to go too overboard with this step. Refer to your reference and make sure it's not sticking out too much.

STEP 9: Blend it in with the back of the stainless steel spoon tool, gently dragging the edges of the pancake into the rest of the clay. Don't do this too firmly or it will create a dent where you have blended the clay. Use a very light touch and go over it several times.

STEP 10: Smooth over all the tool marks with your thumb, gently wiping your thumb over the surface of the clay. You baby should have a nice little forehead and eye sockets.

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