How to Sculpt a
Polymer Clay Baby

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In this section we learn how to sculpt an OOAK polymer clay baby arms.

polymer clay baby

STEP 36: We will start working on the left hand of the polymer clay baby. Pinch the end of the hand to make a flat paddle. This area is where the 4 fingers will be so you want it to be thinner than the palm. Trim off any excess with a hobby knife or the sharp end of the spoon tool. Bend the "fingers" downwards slightly, to create a definition where the knuckles will be.

polymer clay baby

STEP 37: Using a hobby knife or the sharp end of your spoon tool, cut the polymer clay neatly into four separate fingers. Note that I have the arm butting up against the other arm. Babies often like to wrap themselves up when they are sleeping. We call this the fetal position.

polymer clay baby

STEP 38: Carefully stretch and smooth each finger until they are longer and thinner. Trim off the excess length. Try to still keep the "chubby" look, but you don't want the fingers to be rectangular from the cuts you made before. Use the pick tool to define the creases in the fingers and the tiny little fingernails. You achieve this by gently pressing the side of the pick tool into the polymer clay. Curl the fingers around so that the hand looks relaxed and limp.

polymer clay baby

STEP 39: Roll a piece of polymer clay and smooth one end of it onto the hip. This will form the upper leg/thigh. Make sure you add it to the side. Don't add the clay to the bottom of the body that you created, or else it will be too long.

polymer clay baby

STEP 40: Smooth the clay and define the little crease where the leg joins to the hip with a pick tool. Also define a smooth, shallow dimple where the legs joins to the bottom.

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