How to Sculpt a
Polymer Clay Baby

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In this section we learn how to sculpt OOAK polymer clay baby legs.

polymer clay baby

STEP 41: Roll a long piece of polymer clay and attach it to where the knee will be. This will form the lower leg of the baby. Try to keep it tucked close to the thigh. This will help with strength. If you extend the leg out straight, then you will need to support it with a wire armature. Try to keep the leg smooth as you work as it's going to be more difficult to smooth later on.

polymer clay baby

STEP 42: Apply a small piece of clay to where the calf muscle presses against the thigh. Blend the polymer clay into the leg smoothly.

polymer clay baby

STEP 43: Now we can add the foot. Blend a piece of clay into the end of the leg. To gauge the size that the foot should be, use the measurement from the chin to the eyebrows of the baby's face. Add a small piece of clay to the top of the foot to create a bit of bulk (where the fat, bone and tendons at the top of the foot connect to the front of the leg).

polymer clay baby

STEP 44: Gently pinch the end of the foot. This area will be where the toes will be. Make sure that everything is smoothed out as you go. If there is any debris stuck in the clay as you sculpt, be sure you remove it. We will start to sculpt detail into the foot and it will become more difficult to remove dirty clay.

polymer clay baby

STEP 45: Using a hobby knife/ scalpel, cut five toes into the end of the foot. Make sure that the "big toe" is on the inside of the foot.

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