Polymer Clay Tutorials

Are you a beginner polymer clay sculptor/sculptress? Amanda is always working hard on new tutorials to post on her website. Is there something that's really hanging you up? Ask Amanda about it via the Questions and Answers Form.

How to Make Doll Clothes For Your Polymer Clay OOAK Doll. Learn how to make "A Fantasy Dress".

Learn how to sculpt a Polymer Clay Baby from start to finish with this free polymer clay tutorial.

Learn how to sculpt a female face:
Steps 1-4 / Steps 5-8 / Steps 9-12
Steps 13-16 / Steps 17-20
Steps 21-24 / Steps 25-28
Steps 29-32 / Steps 33-36
Steps 37-40 / Steps 40-45

Learn to sculpt a female face with this series of how to VIDEO tutorials.

Learn how to make a permanent doll wig for your polymer clay OOAK dolls out of mohair with this VIDEO tutorial.

Learn how to blush a polymer clay sculpture with acrylic paints with this VIDEO tutorial.

Learn how to make a mold of your polymer clay sculpture and make a cast in plaster.

Learn how to sculpt a fantasy mushroom:

Page one

Page two

Page three

Page four

Learn how to create an OOAK creature:

The Armature- Part One
The Armature- Part Two
Sculpt a Face For The Creature
Hands and Feet- Part One
Hands and Feet- Part Two
Sewing the Body- Part One
Sewing the Body- Part Two

Learn how to sculpt Alice's face in the downloadable PDF tutorial has been released offsite. This tutorial has been written by Amanda Day and donated to the members of the International Art Doll Registry. Please see their website to download this tutorial. (I am in no way affiliated with this website apart from being an appreciative member- this is my thank you). Watch my website for more tutorials on how to complete the rest of this doll.

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Learn how to create a polymer clay baby from start to finish!

Learn how to sculpt a face in polymer clay for your OOAK Dolls.

Learn how to how to blush/paint your polymer clay dolls with acrylic paints.

Learn how to make a permanent doll wig with mohair for your OOAK Dolls.