You Can Learn How to Sculpt a Face in Polymer Clay!

how to sculpt a face

Learning how to sculpt does not have to always be a struggle.

Using polymer clay is definitely a learning curve, but it is not an impossible one.

Below are tutorials to help you learn how to sculpt without the hassle of guessing your way through it. Best of all- they're FREE.

How to Sculpt ALICE- Her Face

Polymer clay doll alice in wonderland

Learn how to sculpt Alice's face in the downloadable PDF tutorial has been released on August 1st 2013 offsite. This tutorial has been written by Amanda Day and donated to the members of the International Art Doll Registry. Please see their website to download this tutorial. (I am in no way affiliated with this website apart from being an appreciative member- this is my thank you). Watch my website for more tutorials on how to complete the rest of this doll.

How to Sculpt a Face in Polymer Clay

how to sculpt a face in polymer clay

Learn how to sculpt with this female face tutorial:

Steps 1-4
Steps 5-8
Steps 9-12
Steps 13-16
Steps 17-20
Steps 21-24
Steps 25-28
Steps 29-32
Steps 33-36
Steps 37-40
Steps 40-45

How to Sculpt a Face- Video Tutorial Series

how to sculpt a face video tutorials

Follow along with Amanda as she sculpts the female face out of polymer clay. This tutorial shows how to use 3mm German Blown Glass eyes, instead of just sculpting the eyes and painting them.

View the face sculpting videos here

doll sculpting tip

REMEMBER: Take baby steps! Do not rush things or you will find yourself stumbling over your own feet. Take things slow and make sure you're practicing correctly and your dolls will improve greatly.

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